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Sample records are provided with details of traders dealing in Fine Jewelry, Silver Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry.   For example, please see sample records from the Fine Jewelry Traders Directory, American Edition:-


Note: Not all records in the Directory have street addresses and telephone numbers. Click on Pricing Info below for full details.

Email List of Jewelry Shops

People love jewelries. Everyday, millions of shoppers all over the world are buying a piece of jewelry in stores and online shops. Manufacturing, buying, and selling jewelries is, indeed, profitable. However, just like in many other businesses, the success in this industry cannot be acquired by simply offering your jewelries. The competition in the jewelry market is very tight; if you do not have effective marketing strategies, you won’t be able to last in the field.

Today, the use of  list of jewelry shops is becoming more and more popular for businesses that want to keep up in the competition of jewelry industry. Certain companies and websites provide directory listings of jewelers that open the door to thousands of potential new customers and buyers. Although the use of social media sites can also give you this kind of benefit, asking for the help of online retailers is much more effective and quick.  For types of lists can be found at

These retailers will be the one responsible in selling your products and connecting you directly to potential buyers. You no longer need to work for the whole day just to reach your minimum sales, because your contacts can already do the job for you. While you may need to give a portion of your profit with the retailers, you’ll at least gain more exposure to the masses, which is a great start for expanding your business.

So if you are a jeweler consider getting this list and start marketing your products. Not only will this give you an opportunity to reach your target demography, but it will also provide you a chance to expand your reach. Isn’t it great that with only a few months from now, you’re already able to export your products internationally?

What’s better about getting a directory list for jewelers is it provides thousands of contacts with only a very low service cost. See

Benefits Derived from having  List of Jewelry Shops

Jewellery represents humankind’s oldest manifestation of nobility. Jewels have always been a symbol of prestige, class, rank and authority and their usage dates back to time immemorial. Whenever remarkable accomplishments have to be noted in life such as wedding, graduation, championship win, family celebrations, national holidays, birthday anniversaries, etc, jewels are commonly used. It is on the onset of such occasions that people walk into jewelry shops. However, there too exist those who have embraced jewelry as part of dressing accessories.

Jewels are commonly made of precious metals such as gold, silver, bronze and gems. As such, they are generally expensive and even if not, their beautiful appearance cannot let a thief rest in peace. In this regard, jewels are not commodities to be hawked on streets or enticed to any passer-by. They have to be sold in a secure environment such as jewelry shops. Therefore, to become a successful supplier of jewellery, you need to be in good contact with jewelry shops such as those found on

To ensure good rapport and relationship with  shops for purposes developing goodwill and boosting your sales, you need to compile an email mailing list of jewelers. This email list would help you to make targeted offers and promotions.


You can view our latest Video Screenshot presentation at You Tube where over 1,000 sample records are shown.

Business Email Addresses

The reason people get into business is normally to earn profits, and one of the factors that helps the business achieve this is increasing the market share. That is where business email addresses come in handy because in order to capture a significant market segment, and taking into account how stiff competition is, it is important that the entrepreneur is able to reach potential consumers individually.

How does reaching the consumer individually help?

The fact is that consumers usually seek to purchase their goods from well known suppliers and manufacturers. However, when a business reaches out to potential clients directly, that personalized communication has a way of appealing to them, prompting further inquiries into the supplies and other services available. This is, definitely, a great way to explore a market segment the business has not tried before. More often than not, it draws interest from new clients, with the likelihood of turning them into long-term loyal customers.

What are the signs that someone is likely to take the communication positively?

Business is all about exploring because nothing is really certain. However, with access to well compiled business email addresses there is a great possibility of making good deductions as to who is likely to be interested in buying certain products or services; even roughly the quantities that may be ordered. The reason is that these address lists only provide basic information and not the following;

  • The category of business the entity is in
  • Any other business interests the entity has
  • Its legal standing: whether it has limited liability or not
  • The duration that entity has been operating
  • The entity’s website details
  • The entity’s physical and postal address
  • Active telephone numbers
  • The entity’s active email address
  • Details of how large the entity is in terms of employee numbers; student numbers; hospital bed numbers; and such
  • The average annual sales volume
  • The average annual sales revenues
  • The entity’s registered office or headquarters
  • Some tax details, like federal tax identity

In general, there are some great business email addresses that exist. Some even provide details regarding special preferences. An example is if the business favors females as opposed to males, or if it favors a certain age group; those particulars are shown. The best thing about having such information at hand is that it is possible to tailor the business offer to suit the particular client.

For example, when it comes to good marketing, the language and intricate details given to an exporting firm, will, obviously, vary from those ones offered to a medical or educational institution, or even to a local distributor. Some entities will be more interested in the business capacity to supply certain quantities over a long period, while others will be interested in pricing. In short, the more detailed and accurate the mailing list is, the better for the person using it.