Jewelry Stores


Mailing List of Jewellers

Mailing list of jewellers is a list comprising businesses in the jewellery trade and others dealing in manufacture and their mailing addresses. Businesses have come to appreciate the need for such lists as competition becomes stiff unlike some years ago when the main jewelers were known by name all over the country. Owing to the fast pace of business today, a mailing list mainly narrows down to e-mail addresses since e-mails deliver messages in an instant unlike ordinary mail.

Some of the businesses that need to know where to get reliable jewellers are in the fashion industry where buyers of clothes want accessories that match their outfits. Others are designers and fashion stylists of celebrities and other fashion savvy personalities who want to identify existing jewellers in a moment’s notice. Therefore, any mailing list of jewellers worth consideration should have the following information:

  • The category of consumers each jeweler caters for, e.g. men or women.
  • Material make of their jewellery like:
    • Metal, e.g. silver; gold; silver; platinum; and stainless steel
    • Stone, e.g. diamond, pearl, crystal and so on
    • Category of jewellery, e.g. rings, earrings, charms, chains, necklaces and other accessories.
    • Official business names of the jewellers
    • Current physical and postal address of the jewellers
    • Jeweler’s official website, where available
    • Any specialisation or identification that may address the needs of a specific group of customers, e.g. Scottish jewellers, Indian jewellers and such
    • Related services, where available,

Of great importance too is the clarification whether the jeweller is a specialist in jewellery or a general retailer who deals with jewellery and associated products. This is crucial particularly for businesses that are seeking jewellers to buy from for further trading, or jewellers to sell to as customers.

A mailing list of jewellers should also allow for deletion of unwanted names and addition of new names and data. This is because each business is unique and market trends keep changing.


How Jewelry Shops Clean Jewelry

There are many services that are offered by jewelry shops. These services run simply cleaning jewelry to custom designing rings and necklaces.  There are a few different ways the shops use to clean jewelry. The first and most common are to submerge the piece in an ammonia or ethyl alcohol based cleaning solution. This solution may also have a grease removing detergent. One of the other popular ways to clean jewelry is to use ultrasonic cleaning. This type of cleaning is good for removing tarnish that builds upon some types of jewelry. This kind of cleaning should not be used on stones that are not firmly mounted in their settings. The main reason for this is because the vibrations that clean the stones will also loosen them from their setting.

Proper jewelry care

When caring for jewelry there are a few things that need to be remembered. The first of these is to ask the jewelry shops that it was bought from if there is any special care needed for it to look its best. One of the ways to make sure that jewelry always looks it best is to have it cleaned regularly by the jewelry shops that you bought it from. The main reason for this is that the jewelry shop that it was bought from will usually offer free cleaning of the piece. There are ways to clean jewelry at home and some shops will also supply you with a cleaning kit. This kit will usually be a chemical based and may also have a mild detergent in it.