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Database, Directory & Marketing List of Jewelry Stores and Jewelers


The jewelry business is a lucrative field because it is almost a natural human instinct to love and desire to spend money on jewelry. It is no surprise that there are countless jewelry stores and retailers all over the country. Therefore, provided you have items or an offer that can easily grab the attention of jewellers, you too can benefit from this thriving industry.

Nevertheless in order to make it possible for you to efficiently advertise your items and services or make your offers known to leading US jewellers and retail shops; purchasing an Database Directory & Marketing List of jewelry stores and jewellers will be crucial.

You’ve probably have tried emailing numerous jewelry stores and retailers before without reaping much success. So you may be wondering what is the point? The reason why buying a mailing list of jewelry wholesalers and retailers is important is because the lists are usually meticulously selected to ensure buyers are provided with updated and 100% accurate data.

For this reason, when you buy an marketing list of jewellers you enjoy 100% delivery guarantee with extremely rare cases of bounced back emails if any. Besides providing you with accurate email addresses of jewelry stores, an email list also provides integral information like:

  • Names of leading jewelry stores
  • Physical addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Website addresses
  • Type of jewelry traded i.e. fine, fashion or silver jewelry

Not to mention, a single list can have addresses of about 40,000 stores that you can easily contact and find the highest bidder to sell your items to.


Make Huge Profits

An Database Directory & Marketing List of jewelry stores and jewelers can enable you to start your own jewelry store and make enormous profits by simply taking advantage of the cheapest offers and deals provided. Many people who frequently buy jewelry most often than not, aren’t aware of the frugal deals and rates available because very few people carry out thorough research before purchasing jewelry.

The larger population of jewelry lovers comprises of impulse buyers. Now through an email list, you will be able to know the various incredible jewelry offers and discounts given by jewelry shops. You can use this information to buy the best jewelry cheaply and resell them to other buyers at a profit. This can be a good way to bring in some extra income.


Jewelry Gift Ideas

Jewelry gifts are often important in special occasions such as weddings engagements and anniversaries. You can additionally use a database of jewelers to find new jewelry gift ideas so you can find the perfect jewelry to give your spouse, friend or relative. You only need to search through several websites and you’ll have enough ideas on what to buy.